Air Conditioning Repairs

When your climate control system is faulty and not working at its optimal level, Climate Air Conditioning provides a simple, honest and dependable service. We will inspect your air conditioning units and provide an accurate diagnosis of the fault. Afterwards we will discuss your options, as well as provide a FREE quote for the cost of the repair work. This will be a simple flat fee with no hidden charges.

Our team of engineers specialise in fault finding and repairs of air conditioning systems, and are fully trained with experience of working with all makes and models of climate control equipment - ensuring that all faults can be identified promptly and repairs made as quickly as possible, at the most cost-effective rate. We pride ourselves on our high standard of work and will always spend as much time as is required to correctly complete a job.

Common problems associated with air conditioning units:
 Leaking or dripping water - often caused by the condensate pump failing
 Unit not producing cool or warm air - could indicate a refrigerant gas leak that will need to be investigated and repaired
 Noisy unit – the fan motor may need replacing or the condensate pump may be faulty
 Bad smell – bacteria can build up on the cooling coils that need removing with specialist chemicals
 Build-up of ice on the unit - is a sign that the system is blocked
 Poor performance – this can occur when the unit has not been regularly serviced and can increase running costs and the system to fail.

Our repairs services include:

 Air conditioning machine and equipment fault finding and repairs

 Residential and commercial repairs
 Repairs to wall mounted and under ceiling units
 Repairs to split systems and multi-split systems
 Air cooler repairs
 Air conditioning parts replacement and repairs
 Heat pump repairs
 Low refrigerant replacement
 Hire of portable units whilst your air conditioning system is being repaired or replaced.


We highly recommend that you have your air conditioning serviced as problems can also arise when units are not serviced regularly. You can find out more out our servicing support here.

Air Conditioning 

Having installed thousands of systems, Climate Air Conditioning have decades of experience in the supply and installation of air conditioning and refrigeration products. We always aim to provide affordable and sensible solutions to your cooling requirements, which are intricately designed to meet your exacting needs. We are highly experienced in repairs and maintenance work for both residential and commercial air conditioning systems. 


At Climate Air Conditioning, we install, maintain and repair a full range of bespoke walk in fridges and freezers, chillers and cellar coolers that will satisfy any business owner looking for the perfect cold storage solution. From small walk in chillers and freezers, to large scale industrial cold stores, our refrigeration systems are guaranteed to provide the ultimate in temperature controlled environments.

"As an elderly widow suffering in the extreme heat of this summer, I was so grateful to Gerald who after less than a week after my first contact, gave up his Saturday morning to come and install a most efficient air-conditioning unit in my bungalow. He was completely professional and gave me all the reassurance I needed about it’s safety and the simplicity of using it when I needed to. He promised to come back if there was any problem but was so confident of the product provided I am convinced it is unlikely he will need to. I would be pleased to recommend him to any one who is considering having air-conditioning installed. Thank you again Gerald."
Tim Myers

"I had a/c installed in two bedrooms in my house a few months ago. Not only is the system absolutely superb, it was comfortably cheaper than another quote I got (from a company that then proceeded to mess me about).

Sean, who did the install was professional and polite, and the job was completed in one day with no mess or problems.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company to anyone, and I'm happy to give any further information if needed."


Installation, Maintenance, Servicing & Repairs

As a friendly and customer service focused company, we have been able to build and sustain working relationships with a majority of our previous customers. Due to the efficiency and expertise of our work, our customers will rely on us and frequently recommend us to others, to conduct any air conditioning maintenance, servicing and repairs on their existing machines.