Renewable Energy

At Climate Air Conditioning, we provide renewable energy for both homes and businesses, saving our customers money and energy. We can install both air source heat pumps and air conditioning heat pumps to guarantee that you heat your property for less. Mounted to the wall, a heat pump draws in the air and converts it to be used for heating in radiators or floors. While electric, these systems are classified as renewable forms of energy due to the amount of heat they provide.

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) utilise heat from the outside air to heat radiators, hot water and underfloor heating systems. They help to significantly reduce energy bills as they are much more efficient than conventional electric heating, and they also provide a low carbon footprint. As part of the UK Governments Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) you can even get paid for the heat that you generate and use over a seven-year period.

Air Conditioning Heat Pumps have both and indoor and outdoor unit, and provide heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. In the summer the heat pump extracts the heat from the indoor air and then uses the refrigerant in the system to release it via the outside unit. In winter it takes the hot air and transfers it to your home, rather than outside. They also work as a de-humidifier, have low running costs, are extremely quiet and filter the air to remove pollen and dust irritants.

Air Source Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning Heat Pumps are beneficial for any business building whether you are running an office or an industrial factory. With a heat pump in place, you can save a lot of money and take a step towards making your entire business model more renewable.

If you are interested in the possibility of installing equipment like this at your home or business please contact us on 01206 615755.







Air Conditioning 

Having installed thousands of systems, Climate Air Conditioning have decades of experience in the supply and installation of air conditioning and refrigeration products. We always aim to provide affordable and sensible solutions to your cooling requirements, which are intricately designed to meet your exacting needs. We are highly experienced in repairs and maintenance work for both residential and commercial air conditioning systems. 


At Climate Air Conditioning, we install, maintain and repair a full range of bespoke walk in fridges and freezers, chillers and cellar coolers that will satisfy any business owner looking for the perfect cold storage solution. From small walk in chillers and freezers, to large scale industrial cold stores, our refrigeration systems are guaranteed to provide the ultimate in temperature controlled environments.