Climate Air Conditioning provide ventilation services for both domestic and commercial customers, with all our systems using the very latest innovative technologies to save on energy use, reduce carbon emissions and maintain low running costs.

Having a well-ventilated home that gives good air quality is important for preventing condensation and removing pollutants, mould spores and allergens that thrive in humid environments. At Climate Air Conditioning we offer discrete, low noise systems that will fit in with your home décor perfectly to bring you flawless ventilation.
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Air quality in the work environment is paramount for a productive business. Hot and stuffy environments result in workers becoming uncomfortable, suffering fatigue and having difficulty in concentrating – not to mention the unpleasant odours that arise. Climate Air Conditioning can provide your business with an effective, noiseless ventilation system enabling you to provide a quality environment to your employees, clients and customers.

We can offer the installation of ventilations systems at any type of business address. In the past, we have provided ventilation systems to offices, nursing homes, schools and a wide variety of other commercial buildings. As well as this, we can provide the installation of a quality air conditioning system. This will guarantee that your business environment provides the optimum level of comfort for your workers, keeping them cool throughout the day. You can find out more about our air conditioning installations here.

Climate Air Conditioning always look at the individual requirements for each of our clients and work on a ventilation system to match your specific needs. Contact us today on 01206 615755 to discuss the ventilation options available to guarantee you get the perfect product for your home or business.

"We chose Climate AC to install two units at our house in Essex. They were brilliant! Very friendly, very helpful and professional. We couldn’t have asked for a better company. The AC installers were tidy, well presented and did an excellent job. Highly recommended!"
George Papatheodorou

"Fantastic service. He came the same day we called for a free estimate, and we had the new unit fitted within 2 working days. We would definitely recommend. Lisa, MRM Electrical."
Lisa Murray

Installation, Maintenance, Servicing & Repairs

As a friendly and customer service focused company, we have been able to build and sustain working relationships with a majority of our previous customers. Due to the efficiency and expertise of our work, our customers will rely on us and frequently recommend us to others, to conduct any air conditioning maintenance, servicing and repairs on their existing machines.

Air Conditioning 

Having installed thousands of systems, Climate Air Conditioning have decades of experience in the supply and installation of air conditioning and refrigeration products. We always aim to provide affordable and sensible solutions to your cooling requirements, which are intricately designed to meet your exacting needs. We are highly experienced in repairs and maintenance work for both residential and commercial air conditioning systems. 


At Climate Air Conditioning, we install, maintain and repair a full range of bespoke walk in fridges and freezers, chillers and cellar coolers that will satisfy any business owner looking for the perfect cold storage solution. From small walk in chillers and freezers, to large scale industrial cold stores, our refrigeration systems are guaranteed to provide the ultimate in temperature controlled environments.